The skiing artist?

The artist Sandra Fransson is born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden and she has always loved the outdoors, especially skiing. After twelve ski instructor seasons all over the world she felt it was time for a change and started working with her other passion, her art.

The last two years Sandra has worked full-time with her artwork and the non-profit organisation Safe Passions that she is one of the founders of. Safe Passions was founded in memory of her brother, extreme skier Andreas Fransson who died in a ski accident. Safe Passions aims to bring awareness about safety in the mountains for youths and young adults.

Her unique and colourful paintings are in high demand both nationally and internationally, and can be found in companies and art collectors all over the world like Tokyo and the Hamptons.

She has also started to design skis and do lectures to companies and organisations, she wants to inspire others to follow their own dreams. Sandra’s love for nature and skiing is recurring components in her art, and mosaic her signature.

Through her art, she hopes to pick up a feeling in the viewer where their own experiences in nature with her art can inspire to new adventures.










Lecture in Stockholm for HRFs yearly art meeting (The Swedish association of hard of hearing people).


WinterShow Kungstradgarden Stockholm 18-19 Oct 2015
Mandel Showroom, Stockholm 7 Oct 2015
High Five Film Festival Annecy France 2-4 Oct 2015
Hotel Gustavia, Chamonix France winter season 2014/15
Climbing centre Stockholm 2014-2015
Tellus Bio & Cafe, Stockholm Jan 2015,
Magnolia Café and Gallery Stockholm 22 Sep – 28 Sep 2014
WinterShow, Kungstradgarden Stockholm 18-19 October 2014
Are Mountain Festival Sweden 6-10 August 2014
Outdoor festival, Stockholm 6-7 June 2014
Gallery Kocks, Stockholm 27 May 2014
Iyengar Yoga studio, Stockholm Feb-April 2014


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I create paintings, posters and design skis.

Companies with my art:

Romme Alpina Ski Lodge
Abisko Mountain Lodge
Desai Ekonomi AB
Salomon Freeski/ Safe Passions

Private Collections

Private Collection Tokyo, Japan
Private Collection The Hamptons, USA
Private Collection Healsville, Australia
Private Collection Barcelona, Spain
Private Collection Chamonix, France
Private Collection Jackson Hole, USA
Private Collection Springboro, USA
Private Collection Stockholm, Sweden
Private Collection Umea, Sweden
Private Collection Are, Sweden
Private Collection Murren, Switzerland